Moving In? Consider Upgrading Your Locks

When you move into a new apartment or home, it's a good time to consider updating your locks. Here is a guide to creating greater security in your new home's locking system. 

Why Bother with the Locks?

Your move-in date is the best time to update your home's locks. You'll create a blank slate, revoking access to all previous tenants, maintenance workers, and friends of tenants who had access to the keys at one point. That's a lot of strangers that could potentially break in and steal or cause property damage. Plus, if you invest in new locks from day one, you'll get their benefits for the longest amount of time possible. 

Lock Rekeying

The first service that a locksmith will recommend to you when you first move in is a lock rekeying service. If you are happy with the locks that are already in place, then simply changing the keys is a good way to add security without a huge cost. At the same time, your locksmith can cut additional keys for your new locks. 

Adding Deadbolts

You may find that your home's security was lacking with the previous tenant. A lack of deadbolts can be a big problem, since knob locks on their own may leave the home open to intruders that use force to break the locking mechanism. Adding deadbolts with flip guard protection is a huge step towards greater home security. 

Adding Padlocks

If you need to secure the closets in the home, using deadbolts and knob locks may seem excessive; it's another set of keys that you need to carry around. Instead, padlocks may be a good option for beefing up the security of your storage spaces. 

Going Electronic

Finally, you might want to do a full upgrade to make your locks digital. It may be possible to keep most of the locking mechanisms in place, while adding an electronic function. With electronic access, you could use a key card instead of a set of keys to access your new doors. Some key cards can be scanned remotely, so that you don't even have to put the card up to a card reader. It can read the card automatically, as long as you are within a certain distance of the locks. 

In short, there are many ways that you can consider increasing the value of your locking system as a new resident. A home locksmith, like All Lock Inc, can come to consult you on the best ways to improve your home's locks.