Three Benefits Of A Home Safe

It is important to store your valuables in a safe in your home - this will keep jewelry and important papers safe in the event of a break-in. However, there are several more benefits that come from having a safe in your home, beyond the obvious protection from theft. A small home safe costs less than $100, and the price increases based on size and features. However, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important belongings are protected is priceless.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise; over 13 million United States citizens were victims of identity theft in 2015 alone. There are many ways thieves can steal your identity, and while you may not be able to block them all, you can reduce access to your information. Shred every unneeded piece of paper that has any of your information on it - even junk mail. If you must keep documents with your personal and financial information, keep them locked in your safe to keep them protected from theft.

Fire and Water Damage

Some home safes provide security from thieves. Others provide a barrier that protects them from fire and water damage in the case of a house fire, flood or other devastating incidents. Choose a safe, such as from Arapahoe County Security Center Inc, that provides these protections so your important documents can be recovered if needed. This will go a long way in helping you rebuild your life after a fire or flood.

Cost Savings

Many people rent a safe deposit box at the local bank. The cost for this rental can be several hundred dollars per year. You may wish to keep a small safe deposit box at your local bank to hold your home inventory and other documents that you should have copies of outside your home, but you can save thousands of dollars over your lifetime by storing most of your important documents and jewelry at home in a fireproof and waterproof safe.

It is also important to obtain insurance on the items stored in your home safe. Create a written inventory, along with pictures and video of all items stored in your safe. You should provide a copy of this inventory to your insurance agent so you can get accurate coverage on your belongings. Keep a copy of this inventory in a secure location outside your home, so you will have a copy in case you ever experience a loss and need to file a claim with your insurance provider.