An In-Depth Look At Extended Locksmith Services Your Commercial Business Should Know

It is no big secret that as a business owner, it is a good idea to keep a handy list of the professional services you could need at a moment's notice, and a commercial locksmith is definitely one of them. However, if you are like most business owners, the only time you consider calling a locksmith is if you are having issues with a lock or need a new lock installed. Commercial locksmiths actually offer an array of helpful services that you probably have no idea they do. Here is a quick look at some of the extended services you will find with your local commercial locksmith. 

Door Repairs - This service offering usually comes as a surprise to business owners, but in fact, many locksmiths are skilled with repairing doors because they often have to make general repairs to ensure latches, hinges, and knobs are working properly. If you have an issue with a door in your place of business, it is a good idea to have the locksmith take a look because they will likely be able to fix the problem. 

File System Locks - The file cabinets where you house paper copies of store data most often contain information that should be just as protected as any other form of data or customer information in a business setting. Your commercial locksmith can help you ensure these files are safe with lock installation on your existing file cabinetry. If you have an older set of filing cabinets, the locking mechanisms can be replaced or upgraded as well. 

Crash Bar Installation for Fire Safety - Crash bars are the bars that you can push to open a usually locked door from the inside in the event of an emergency situation. Even though crash bars are normally installed by a security professional, most locksmiths actually know a lot about their operation and probably even offer the installation service of these safety devices as well. 

Access Control System Installation - If you are looking for an elevated level of security in specific parts of your business building, an access control system is a good idea. An access control system keeps a door secure until an access code, card, or other identifier is used by you or an employee. Most of the time, you will think to call up your security contractor for help, but a commercial locksmith can usually perform the same service. 

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