Five Reasons To Consider Biometric Locks For Your Home

If you've been considering new ways to control access to your home, talk with your local locksmith about converting all of your locks to biometric. Biometric lock systems are a great way to regulate access to your home. Here are a few of the reasons why you might find biometric locks to be worth the investment.

You Won't Need Keys

Especially if you or someone in your family has a habit of losing keys, biometric locks are a great option. Since biometric locks rely on fingerprints, palm impressions or retinal scans to grant access, there are no keys to carry.

You'll Have Stronger Security

Biometric locks can also reduce your risk of burglary, because there's no key for a thief to steal and use to get into your house. Although homeowners regularly look for new and unique ways to hide keys outside the house, most burglars know how to recognize a hide-a-key and know all of the common places where keys are usually stashed. Additionally, since biometric locks don't have a keyhole, there's no risk of a would-be intruder using a bump key, either.

You Can Simplify Employee Access

If you have a household employee such as a nanny or a housekeeper, you can grant them access to the house on the days when they are working. You won't have to worry about someone being there to let them in or potentially providing a key that could be compromised. Just add them to the biometric system and then you can control when they have access to the house.

You Can Make it Easier For Your Kids

When you have kids in middle or high school that arrive home before you get out of work, using biometric locks may be more secure than traditional locks. Kids are prone to losing or forgetting keys, so investing in a lock that doesn't require one ensures that your child can get in any time without having to call you at work. Just be sure that you update the scan regularly, as finger or palm prints can shift a little bit as kids grow.

You Can Override It When Necessary

As with any electronic lock system, biometric scanners are vulnerable to some malfunctions. Talk with a locksmith about an alternative system to override the lock if it's malfunctioning. You can maintain the keyless system by having a keypad installed that requires a pin code for entry.

Although biometric lock systems aren't the right choice for every home, many homeowners find that these benefits are well worth the investment. Talk with a locksmith business, such as Lincoln Lock & Safe, today about whether this type of lock would work for your home.