Three Times When A Locksmith Is Better Than Your Car Dealership

Your car dealership mechanics can offer a host of benefits even after you buy your car, but sometimes the cost of dealership services can be more expensive than you might expect. For some services, a locksmith can be a more affordable alternative than a visit to the dealership. Here are a few ways you can use your locksmith instead of your auto dealership mechanic.

Ignition Replacement

If your key breaks off in the ignition cylinder or your ignition is too loose for the key to actually engage your vehicle, your locksmith can replace the ignition as well as your key. For vehicles with push-start ignition buttons, a locksmith can repair or replace your ignition to get the car going once again. Call a 24-hour locksmith service to come to your location for repairs so you don't have to pay to tow the vehicle to your dealership or mechanic. Remember that your dealership will charge a markup of up to 30 percent for the parts used to repair your vehicle, which makes it an expensive option for simple repairs like replacing an ignition cylinder.

Car Key Replacement

Today's cars don't have the same simple keys of the 1980s and before. They are more complex, featuring remote transponders and other features. A car dealership may charge around $160 for your new key and charge extra for the key fob remote, while a locksmith service will typically charge around $20 less, depending on the vehicle make and model. The key you get from your locksmith will be just as dependable as the one you get from the dealership, but without the higher price tag.

Re-Keying Your Car

If your keys are lost or stolen, you may be concerned about someone locating your vehicle and stealing it. A locksmith can travel to your location to re-key your car so your old keys no longer work. As part of this service, your locksmith will also provide you with new keys to the car. Ask for a spare key so you always have a way to get into your car, even if you lock your keys inside the vehicle. To have this service performed at a dealership, you'll need to bring the car in for service, which can be a bit of a hassle for some car owners.

Locksmiths provide a host of other options, including, of course, helping you to get into your car after you lock yourself out. You may also want to talk to your locksmith about security options for your garage or home if you are concerned about people breaking in or attempting to steal your vehicle. Locksmiths can handle so much more than just changing locks, so the next time you have issues with your car doors, locks or ignition, skip the dealership and call a locksmith like Irvine Lock & Key.