Three Types Of Upgraded Deadbolts To Consider For Your Home

Protecting your family is of the utmost importance. When you are inside of your home, your family should feel safe and secure at all times and having strong, reliable locks on your doors can give you and your family the peace of mind needed for a restful night's sleep each and every night. While a traditional deadlock may offer you some protection, advancements have been made that allow the deadbolt to work even better than ever before. Use the following guide to learn about three different types of deadbolts that are revolutionizing the security of doors.

Cell Phone Operated Deadbolts

Cell phone operated deadbolts connect with your cell phone so that you can simply push a button on your cell phone and the lock will unlock. This allows you to open the locked door from anywhere, so that someone who is locked out can easily be let in. You can set the application to only unlock the door if a code is entered into the phone, just in case you lose your phone.

Fingerprint Scanner Deadbolts

Fingerprint scanner deadbolts allow you to program the deadbolt to unlock when certain fingerprints are scanned on the fingerprint reader. The lock will not open if the fingerprint does not match the prints that are saved and some of the locks will actually save the unknown fingerprints so that you can take them to the authorities, if anything does happen to your home. The fingerprint scanner deadbolts often take keys as well, so that you can give someone a key to let out your pets when you are on vacation.

Digital Deadbolts

Digital deadbolts require you to type in a numerical code in order for the door to unlock. The great thing about the digital deadbolts is that you can change the code whenever you want to ensure that no one has access to your home whom you do not want to have access to it. A manual will be included with the lock that walks you through the process of changing the code to the lock within seconds so that you can block someone from getting entry into your home instantly.

Many of the electronic deadbolts have alarms that alert you if someone is trying to break into your home. They will often send a message to your phone and some are set to alert the authorities. All of these locks should be installed by a professional locksmith to ensure that the job is done the installation is done properly.

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