Learn What Makes A House Attractive To Thieves

One of the best ways for you to keep your home safe from thieves and others looking to victimize your home and family is to learn what it is that makes a house attractive to those thieves. This article will explain what thieves look for, so you know how to keep your home safe from a theft or break-in.

Easy access to items

If a thief sees a house that has items setting outside, they can find it too hard to resist. Bikes are a very popular item to have stolen out of yards and many kids have a habit of leaving their bike outside all the time. Tools are another big draw for thieves. If you are working in the yard with your tools, put them up anytime you will be away from them for more than a few minutes.

Vulnerable doors and windows

Thieves will look for weaknesses in a house to determine whether or not they want to try breaking in. For this reason, you should make sure all the doors in your home that lead to the outside are made of solid wood. They should also have deadbolts installed on them. A security screen door will also add another level of protection. All windows should have secure locks on them. Sliding glass doors should have locks on both the top and the bottom, as well as on the handle.

No one inside

Thieves will generally wait for times when no one is home to break in. Therefore, you want to do your best to make it look like someone is home all the time. Keep your blinds closed when you're gone during the day and leave a radio or TV on so it can be heard from outside the windows and doors. At night, leave some lights on around the house and possibly a TV.

Tip: If you are going on vacation, let a neighbor you trust know that you are leaving, and ask them to pick up your newspapers and/or fliers anyone puts on the door so it's not obvious that you haven't been home.

No security system in place

Thieves will pay a lot more attention to homes that don't have security systems in place. A home with a security system will alert you, your neighbors and the police of a break-in, and this highly increases their chances of getting caught.

When you are ready to make your home more secure, you want to call an alarm company to have a system installed. You also want to call a professional locksmith, like those at High Security Locksmith, to come out and install deadbolts on the outside doors, change any weak doorknobs and take care of your window and sliding glass door locks.