3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Commercial Doors

Commercial doors take a beating. Whether they're on a storefront that sees a lot of daily activity or simply an employee door on a warehouse, these doors need to be looked after if they're going to last. Often, these are doors that we don't think much about until they start to fail, but that has to change if you want keep them in good working order.

Avoid Propping Doors

When you routinely prop commercial doors open, you run the risk of damaging your door permanently. Propping the door open with a door stop can allow a breeze to grab the door and wrench it. Even if there's no breeze, though, regularly propping the door can cause alignment issues that may not be obvious until the door no longer closes properly. Some flimsier doors can also bend when you prop them, which ultimately results in a door replacement.

Be Proactive with Maintenance

Problems with your commercial doors can be slow to show up, but if you think back, there was usually an indication well before the big problem. Maybe one day it was difficult to unlock the door, or it stuck in a way that was unusual. That's the time to call your locksmith and have a complete work up done on your door. That way if alignment is off or if there are other problems, they can be fixed before the problem becomes so big that people are locked out of your business. Replacement doors are expensive, so it benefits you to take care of the small problems when they're still small.

Check Door Closers Regularly

Door closers are another term for the hinges that help your doors to close. They can also indicate motorized components that work with automatic sliding doors. If something is giving off an alarm or if there is fluid leaking from one of the hinges, it helps to know when that problem started. Make it a habit to routinely check your door closers and other moving parts of the door. If you have employees who work during times that you're not there, make sure that these checks are a part of their regular routines, too.

If your doors are not working the way that they should, make sure that you contact a commercial locksmith today. Locksmiths are well-versed in more than just locks, and they can get the doors of your business working properly again.

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