How To Install A Security Door Brace On Your Doors

Keeping a home safe from burglars is a concern many people have, and there are a number of options available to make it harder for a burglar to enter your home. Over 60% of all burglars get into a home by forcing a door or window open. In many cases, someone is at home when the burglar breaks in. You can make it hard for a burglar to kick in your door by installing a security brace on your doors. Here is how to install a security brace at the bottom of your doors.

You Will Need:

  • Door Brace Kit
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Phillips-Head Driver Bit
  • Pencil

Positioning the Door Brace

Close the door you are working on. Place the bottom plate of the brace on the floor at the base of the door, and then open and close the door a couple of times to make sure the bottom of the door passes over the plate without hitting it.

Weather stripping hitting the plate isn't a problem, but if the bottom of the door hits the plate you'll have to either have to get a new kit with a flatter plate, or take the door off and plane the bottom of it to create more space between the door and the plate.

Place the top plate into the bottom plate, and push the entire brace against the door so the rubber shock absorbers on the top plate are a little bit away from the bottom part of the door (you should be able to lift the top plate up without the shock absorbers touching the door).

Secure the Bottom Plate to Floor

Use a pencil to mark the holes on the floor where the screws go into the bottom brace, and then drill the pilot holes for the screws into the floor. A drill bit may come with the kit, but if one doesn't, just use a small bit to create the hole (don't use a bit with that is the same width or larger than the screws).

Open the door and place the bottom plate directly over the pilot holes. Drill in the screws in the middle holes first to help keep the plate aligned with the other holes.

Open and close the door again to make sure it does not get blocked by the plate.

Install the Top Plate

Place the top plate into the bottom plate – remember, the rubber shock absorbers on the top plate should always face towards the door.

Try to open the door to make sure the door brace works properly. If you need help with any of these steps, consult a local locksmith like Timberline Locksmith Service.